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Sidney Crosby And Steve Yzerman Are Team Captains That Make Impact!

Monday March 17, 2008

The March 2008 issue of ‘Impact!’, The’s online magazine featured Sidney Crosby on the cover and a great feature article on The NHL’s youngest captain in league history. The article features thoughts and comments on Sidney Crosby from greats like Scotty Bowman and Steve Yzerman, Crosby’s idol and role model growing up. Steve Yzerman was the league’s youngest captain when named back in 1986 and filled the role with class until his retirement in 2006, leading the Detroit Red Wings to 3 Stanely Cups. Impact! Magazine names who they think the top ten NHL team captains have been since Yzerman was named in 1986. After reading the articles Impact! Implies that Sidney Crosby and Steve Yzerman had the following qualities that all successful NHL captains must poses, they are… work hard, lead by example, and be themselves.

"I don't think Sidney Crosby has too much to learn," said Yzerman, “he gets so much scrutiny every day, he's under a microscope… But Sidney Crosby handles it well and he's not afraid of it. I'd tell him that as captain all he has to do is go out and play. Don't changer your personality, that's a mistake."

Yzerman’s former coach, Scotty Bowman, said, “Sidney's age is not as much of a factor as people think. He's got to have leadership qualities and a sensible mind and I think he does.”

So who does Impact! Magazine Article Author Brian Compton think the top NHL captains of the last 21 years are?

Its Stevie Y and Then Everyone Else

1. Mark Messier

2. Scott Stevens

3. Mario Lemieux

4. Joe Sakic

5. Ray Bourque

6. Wayne Gretzky

7. Michael Peca

8. Mats Sundin

9. Daniel Alfredsson

10. Saku Koivu

Sidney Crosby Fact: On May 31, 2007 at 19 years old Sidney Crosby was named team captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins. This made Sidney Crosby the youngest player in NHL history to be named team captain.







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