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How Serious is Sidney Crosby's Groin Pain?

Crosby had to leave practice early Monday September 24, 2007 because of groin soreness. The Penguins are downplaying it as nothing serious but the last time they did that Crosby ended up missing 3 games.

Monday September 24, 2007
(updated Sunday September 30, 2007)

Captain Sidney Crosby left practice early Monday because of groin soreness. The Penguins are reporting that this time Crosby's groin injury is nothing serious but the last time they did that Crosby ended up missing 3 games. Sidney Crosby sat out the final period on November 20, 2006 due to a groin injury in a game where the Penguins polished off the Flyers 5 to 3, in his 100th NHL game. He ended up missing 3 games.

Back in November 2006 Crosby got hurt shortly after his goal at 5:47 of the second period giving Pittsburgh a 4-1 lead. Crosby sat out the rest of the game and Coach Michel Therrien said, he was "not concerned" about the injury. A Penguins spokesman also said Crosby wasn't expected to miss any further playing time. Crosby ended up missing 3 games.

Sidney Crosby's comments on the Novmeber 2006 injury, "It's a muscle you use a lot in hockey, so it's not the best one to be sore. If it's a groin, you don't want to keep pushing it and make it worse."

Most hockey movements put a lot of stress on the groin muscle and injuring it can hamper even the best player's performance on the ice. Take Jaromir Jagr, for example, who has had nagging groin injuries lasting complete seasons.

Currently in the 2007/08 NHL preseason groin injuries appear to be contagious among forwards. Alex Tanguay, Michael Peca, Milan Hedjuk and Patrik Elias have similar groin problems, and Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen is injured as well, he is known for a history of groin injuries.

This time coach Therrien downplayed Sidney Crosby's soreness once more. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Coach Michel Therrien was not worried that Crosby will be hindered for long. "It's not a major thing," Therrien said. Considering how seriously a groin injury can affect a hockey player, and the number of games Crosby missed last time this happened, Therrien's comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, Crosby's own comments on this current groin soreness may relieve the tension his fans are experiencing. Here is what Sidney Crosby had to say, "I felt it a bit (in practice), it was just gradual as the practice wore on. I did not have as much jump as I thought I should have had." Crosby also said his groin injury is "not near" the severity of one that caused him to miss three games last November 2006.

On Thursday September 27, 2007, just 3 days after reports of Sidney's groin soreness, he was back on the ice practicing with the Penguins. It has been reported there are no apparent lingering effects from the groin injury. Then on the following Friday Sidney Crosby was back in the lineup battling the Sabres in a preseason game. He picked up two power play goals and an assist with a minus-1 rating in 19:34 of ice time with four shots on goal.

It looks like Sidney is healthy and fans can anticipate another phenomenal season.




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