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Brett Favre Outdoes Sidney Crosby by Winning The Sports Illustrated 2007 Sportsman of The Year Award

On November 12, 2007 Sports Illustrated announced that Sidney Crosby was in the running for the 54th Sportsman of The Year Award.

Friday December 7, 2007

Crosby fans were excited to learn he was nominated for the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year award. The last time a hockey player won the award was the legendary Wayne Gretzky back in 1982 a quarter of a century ago. This year’s winner, NFL’s Brett Favre who beat out Sidney Crosby, was announced at the beginning of December.

While Sidney Crosby is one of the most talented players to join the NHL in years, both on and off the ice, and he is constantly compared to Gretzky, its not a big surprise he was not named the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year winner.

Rarely, does a hockey player win this award and compared to Gretzky, Crosby just isn’t putting up the same numbers. Of course it’s a different NHL compared to twenty five years ago and the debate rages on about how well Crosby would have done back in Gretzky’s time and Gretzky in the NHL of 2007. Furthermore, Sports Illustrated caters to a wide range of sports fans with hockey making up a smaller fraction compared to NFL football or NBA basketball.

In Canada, hockey is by far the most popular sport which makes the Slam Sports poll results published in The Toronto Sun on Friday December 7, 2007, giving more votes to Favre over Crosby, surprising. The question in the poll was, “Sports Illustrated has named Brett Favre the Sportsman of the Year. Who would you pick?” 37% picked Favre, 28% Crosby, 29% someone else, and 6% Alex Rodriguez. While Sidney Crosby not winning this year was not a shock, the fact that hockey crazy Canadians voted for an NFL player more than an NHL player is strange.

Brett Favre does have an impressive resume and Crosby’s has only just begun. When Gretzky won the award he just finished winning his third consecutive MVP award and put together the greatest offensive season in NHL history at the time with 92 goals and 120 assists shattering previous records by a wide margin. In the future if a hockey player ever does win the Sportsman of the year award the chances are it will be Sidney Crosby if he can come up with a season that compares the records created by Gretzky. Hopefully, that is attainable in today's NHL.





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