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Who Would You Rather Get A Phone Call From Over The Holidays
Sidney Crosby or Stephen Harper?

Monday December 10, 2007

A Harris/Decima telephone poll conducted by Vonage Canada between November 22, 2007 and November 25 2007 asked 1,021 repondents who they would rather get a phone call from over the holidays. The choices were Sidney Crosby, Stephen Harper, Avril Lavine, and Lloyd Robertson. One of the key findings in this report states, "Almost one quarter of respondents would rather receive a phone call from Stephen Harper over Sidney Crosby, Avril Lavigne or Lloyd Robertson."

The results are questionable in my opinion. The sample of people questioned is small compared to Canada's population and the poll doesn't mention how they chose the repondents. I suspect if you post the same poll on a Sidney Crosby web site that the results will be biased as well. Sounds like fun though so a similar poll has been generated for the Sidney Crosby Spotlight. Lets see how the results will turn out here.

We Invite You Cast Your Vote Here

Who would you prefer to receive a phone call from over the holidays?
Sidney Crosby
Prime Minister Harper
Avril Lavine
Newsman Llyod Robertson
Current results







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