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Sidney Sidney Crosby Gets Credit For Lobbying Changes To The New Reebok Edge NHL Jerseys After Complaints Early In The 2007-08 NHL Season

November 18, 2007

The new NHL Reebok Edge uniform worn by hockey players made its debut at the 2007 All Star Game. Hockey teams began using the uniforms during the 2007-08 NHL season. The new uniform is designed using advanced technology, using special material that is light, aerodynamic, and repels moisture. The Reebok Edge NHL uniforms ultimately enhance a hockey player’s performance with increased speed and range of motion.

During the initial design period Reebok’s spokesman, Sidney Crosby, was able to put his input into the design. In fact on January 18, 2007 USA Today reported that Sidney Crosby suggested loosening up the jerseys and using larger logos. "Anything that can make you faster, I'm for," said Sidney Crosby. While many hockey stars are praising the benefits of the new hockey uniforms, a quarter of the way into the 2007-08 NHL season, several hockey players have complained too.

Reebok has listened and began making design changes and offering replacement jerseys to NHL hockey players who request it. According to an article appearing in the New York Post on November 18, 2007, “we're told an immense amount of the credit is due to Sidney Crosby, the out-front paid endorser and representative of the company who displayed great allegiance to the integrity of hockey and lobbied Reebok to adapt”.

The old NHL hockey uniforms were made of material that absorbed water and sweat. The NHL Reebok Edge Jerseys definitely repelled water and sweat but the players found that their other equipment like gloves, and skates were getting extremely wet. On November 3, 2007 Minnesota’s St. Paul Star Tribune reported feedback on the RBK NHL Edge uniforms given by The Wild’s Brian Rolston and Nick Schultz. Rolston said, “it’s a light jersey, but there’s no question that we’re sweating more”. Nick Shultz said, “It’s nice that jersey’s are this light, but to make them more breathable will be perfect”. Vancouver’s The Province newspaper reported on November 2, 2007 that “Canucks captain Markus Naslund has worn sweatbands on his wrists to keep the moisture out of his gloves while defenceman Willie Mitchell said the tighter fit has sometimes made his equipment a little too restricted”.

David Baxter, Reebok’s president of the sports licensing division said, "based on this feedback, Reebok will provide players with the option to wear a version with slight sizing and fabrication adjustments." Hockey players who are not happy with the Rbk Edge NHL Jersey can request a modified replacement jersey. The replacement will have a more absorptive material on the front panel of the jersey made of an air knit fabric, and slight sizing adjustments.

Its nice to see Reebok, The NHL, NHLPA, and Sidney Crosby cooperating to make improvements to the RBK Edge Hockey Uniform for players who have issues with it.

Here is a commercial featuring Sidney Crosby and the RBK Edge NHL Hockey Jersey.








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